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Welcome to croc country

The swamps, rivers and estuaries across northern Australia are home to one of the biggest, fiercest – and perhaps most misunderstood – predators in the world. We wrestle the saltwater crocodile facts from the fiction, including how to stay safe in croc country.


GALLERY: Australia’s top 10 most venomous animals

Venom is commonly measured by the LD50: the concentration of toxin (lethal dose, mg/kg) required to kill half of a test animal group. A smaller number indicates more concentrated venom, with the most venomous species gaining a rating of <1. These are Australia's most venomous animals, ranked by their LD50 rating.

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Solomon Islands: The deadly mosquitos

At a village community in the Solomon Islands, an international team of researchers is discovering the secrets of a malaria-transmitting mosquito that harbours a deadly secret weapon. who revel in the challenge of raw, unpredictable lines.