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Tim the Yowie Man

The man who lived in a log

It’s the dream of every child who loves the outdoors – build a secret bush cubby, a retreat from the prying eyes of parents and an opportunity to let the imagination run wild in a make-believe world of fairies, goblins and other magical creatures.

Tim the Yowie Man

Settling squabbles over Australia’s deepest caves

School camps are great fun, aren’t they? They’re a chance for students to step away from the classroom, appreciate the outdoors and be physically challenged. However, you may think differently if you suffer from claustrophobia and were compelled to endure three days crawling through a labyrinth of dark chambers!

Tim the Yowie Man

The Bungonia Bear

It’s rugged out Bungonia way, near Goulburn in south-eastern New South Wales. The tiny town is surrounded by forest and steep gorges and pockmarked with some of the mainland’s deepest cave systems. If a large new mammal species was ever to be discovered in a hidden valley, then it’s more likely to be in the wilds of Bungonia than in many other places in the county.


A proliferation of pumice

If you live on Australia’s east coast and enjoy beachcombing, there’s a good chance that during the first half of this year you noticed lots of pumice stone at the high tide mark.