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From long-distance treks and paddling epics, through to wild mountain biking, spectacular road trips and mighty feats of climbing and exploration, if you’re after a story to inspire you, this is the place!

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Adventure on the high seas

The world’s oceans have been the backdrop for some of history’s greatest adventures. And we reckon there’s still plenty of maritime excitement to be had, too. Here’s a selection of our favourite forms of oceanic excitement in Australia’s states and territories.

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One night only: A Sydney-Central Coast bikepacking journey

Finding a new thirst for bikepacking – and leaving the comforts of the city to create your own overnight adventure – might just be one gear change away.

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Trekking Africa’s Mountains of the Moon

The Rwenzori Mountains are the oft-forgotten of Africa’s three tallest peaks. Aus Geo ADVENTURE’s Dan Slater joins legendary Aussie adventurer Tim Macartney-Snape and heads high to the roof of Africa to see some of that wild continent’s last glaciers.

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Whether it is an undiscovered part of our planet, or a national favourite location, for any and all information on the hottest adventure destinations, look no further.

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Western Australian adventures: Three of the best

Australia’s largest state is the ultimate outdoor playground. Whether camping in its many national parks, swimming with oceanic giants, or traversing one of Australia’s most famous outback tracks, WA will keep even the most discerning adventurer busy.

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Queensland adventures: Four of the best

Hike a tropical island, dive a natural wonder, ride an epic MTB trail network or paddle a unique marine trail. Queensland is the ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure destination.

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South Australian adventures: Four of the best

With its combo of spectacular coastline and vast outback, South Australia offers any number of epic adventures. Here are four of our favourites.

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Gear Reviews

Our extensive gear tests offer all the information you will need before you lay down your hard-earned on that shiny new piece of adventure equipment.

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Tested: Pelican 50QT Elite Cooler

Keep your food and drinks chilled for longer at your campsite with Pelican’s sturdy cooler.

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Tested: Ledlenser iF8R

The versatile Ledlenser iF8R offers excellent camp lighting capability, doubles as a back-up power bank and can be attached to any metallic surface, thanks to its inbuilt magnet. Find out all about the Ledlenser iF8R – and why we think it’s a brilliant camp lighting option – in our exclusive video gear test above.

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Tested: Macpac Minaret

Looking for a bombproof and lightweight tent that’s up for many years of adventure? Check out Macpac’s venerable Minaret.

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How To

Expert advice on all things adventure, whether you’re looking to improve your skill base, or are up for tackling an all-new outdoor activity, we have all the hot tips.

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How a strong mindset can make your next adventure the best one ever

Adventure fitness guru Joe Bonington explains how important mental strength is when looking to achieve your impossible dream.

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How to: Camping with kids

Going camping with the little’uns in tow might seem daunting for some, but with the right attitude, the right gear and the right planning it can be memorable fun for everyone.

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How To: Gravel cycling

I was about six hours into a very long gravel ride, on board a borrowed bike, with an old friend, when it really clicked for me. In twenty years of cycling, I’d never had an experience that blended challenge, banter, adventure and relaxation as perfectly as this ride.

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In The Shadow Of Thor

In a land that never melts, high in the Canadian Arctic lies an Arctic Cordillera where peaks of the Norse Gods; Mt Thor, Mt Odin and Mt Asgard tower over a frozen Nanuvut tundra. It is here where Australian photographer Mark Watson claims he feels most alive.

For many years Watson’s world was that of adrenalin & action sport but a decade of photographing everything from motorsport to big wave surfing awoke a spirit for a new challenge… something rawer.

This short behind the scenes film by award winning producer, director and DOP Jase Hancox touches on the drive behind Watson’s imagery and his search for something purer and more challenging than that of fast paced action.

It’s a journey of a simple walk in a park. It just so happens it is one of mother nature’s most majestic national parks and the temperature outside Watson's tent is well below -20 degrees Celsius.

A Jase Hancox Film

Instagram: @jase_hancox
Facebook: @JaseHancoxFilm

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