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From long-distance treks and paddling epics, through to wild mountain biking, spectacular road trips and mighty feats of climbing and exploration, if you’re after a story to inspire you, this is the place!

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Australia’s Best Winter Walks

These three multi-day walks guarantee warm days, plenty of fun, and the chance to explore some of this country’s most amazing landscapes.

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Bikepacking Adventure: Lithgow to Newnes, NSW

Why go over mountains when you can be cycling through them on one of Australia’s best bikepacking journeys.

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Nirmal “Nims” Purja: Climbing earth’s 14 highest mountains in world-record time

Climbing all 14 of the earth’s 8000-metre-plus peaks is considered the ultimate mountaineering achievement, with the world record for the fastest time being eight years to complete it. Nepalese climbing legend, Nirmal “Nims” Purja MBE did it in a stunning six months and six days. This is how.

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Whether it is an undiscovered part of our planet, or a national favourite location, for any and all information on the hottest adventure destinations, look no further.

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Visit the Shoalhaven for an elemental reconnection

Water, earth, smoke and fire interweave on the Shoalhaven Coast of NSW to create the perfect storm of rejuvenation and adventure.

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Riding The Lower Thredbo Valley Track: The MTB Missing Link

The opening of the Lower Thredbo Valley Track was the final connection in the creation of a 35km mountain biking epic, from the high alpine, through ancient forests, to a craft brewery. We head south to ride Australia’s best one-day MTB trail.

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Tropical North Queensland road trips: Three of the best

Tropical North Queensland is a brilliant road trip destination for the adventurous traveller. Check out three of our favourites!

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Gear Reviews

Our extensive gear tests offer all the information you will need before you lay down your hard-earned on that shiny new piece of adventure equipment.

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Macpac Microlight hiking tent: Tested

The iconic Macpac Microlight hiking tent has, over nearly 30 years, garnered a reputation for bombproof construction and reliability. We put that reputation to the test.

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OZtrail Big Boy Camp Chair: Tested

The OZtrail Big Boy camp chair’s tough build and ease of set-up helps prove the theory nothing beats a comfortable seat around a camp fire.

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Ford Ranger FX4 MAX: Tested

The Ford Ranger FX4 MAX promises off-road capability, comfort, good fuel economy and loads of space for all your gear. Is it the ultimate adventure vehicle? We find out.

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How To

Expert advice on all things adventure, whether you’re looking to improve your skill base, or are up for tackling an all-new outdoor activity, we have all the hot tips.

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Outback Travel: The Ultimate Guide

Exploring the outback is a rite of passage for adventurous Aussie families. Here’s all you need to know for a successful and fun experience.

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Adventure Fitness: Body composition and how it affects your outdoor activities

You don’t have to rock a set of six-pack abs to enjoy the outdoors but having a body composition that is optimised for your favourite activity will make sure you get the most out of every minute you’re out there.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking

Hiking is an adventure activity that is easy to get into and it opens up wild parts of the world to explore. We show you how to walk this way.

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In The Shadow Of Thor

In a land that never melts, high in the Canadian Arctic lies an Arctic Cordillera where peaks of the Norse Gods; Mt Thor, Mt Odin and Mt Asgard tower over a frozen Nanuvut tundra. It is here where Australian photographer Mark Watson claims he feels most alive.

For many years Watson’s world was that of adrenalin & action sport but a decade of photographing everything from motorsport to big wave surfing awoke a spirit for a new challenge… something rawer.

This short behind the scenes film by award winning producer, director and DOP Jase Hancox touches on the drive behind Watson’s imagery and his search for something purer and more challenging than that of fast paced action.

It’s a journey of a simple walk in a park. It just so happens it is one of mother nature’s most majestic national parks and the temperature outside Watson's tent is well below -20 degrees Celsius.

A Jase Hancox Film

Instagram: @jase_hancox
Facebook: @JaseHancoxFilm

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