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From long-distance treks and paddling epics, through to epic mountain biking, spectacular road trips, bikepacking journeys and mighty feats of climbing and exploration, if you’re after a story to inspire you, this is the place!

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Fast dogs and a frozen land: The Fjällräven Polar Challenge

The Fjällräven Polar Challenge, held north of the Arctic Circle, is aimed at inspiring people to get outdoors. Mark Watson drives a sled-dog team across an ice- and snow-clad landscape for a chilly Challenge experience.

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Girl power: why more women than ever are seeking adventure

Confidence, connection, ease: these are viewed as the main barriers preventing females being more involved in outdoor adventure. That’s now changing.

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Go with the flow: Five of Australia’s best river journeys

It’s the world’s driest inhabited continent, but Australia is also home to some of the planet’s wildest, most remote, and memorable river-borne adventures.

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Whether it is an undiscovered part of our planet, or a national favourite location, for any and all information on the hottest adventure destinations, look no further.

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Gone troppo: Hike and bike Townsville and Magnetic Island

Seven days riding, walking and swimming in Queensland’s north is a brilliant way to unwind while exploring this magic region.

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The best family bike rides in Tasmania

The Apple Isle is a brilliant family bike ride destination. Here are five very good reasons why you need to load up your clan’s pushys and head south.

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The best family bike rides in the Northern Territory

Outback sunsets, wildly rugged landscapes, and the chance to cycle around an Aussie icon. Family bike rides in the Northern Territory are unique, and in the best possible way.

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Gear Reviews

Our extensive gear tests offer all the information you will need before you lay down your hard-earned on that shiny new piece of adventure equipment.

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Nemo Equipment Tensor Trail Ultralight sleeping pad: Tested

Very light in weight, and compact when packed down, does the Nemo Tensor Trail Ultralight offer a good night’s sleep in the outdoors? We find out

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Reserve 30SL wheels: Tested

Carbon mountain bike wheels are often considered a luxury, not an essential. The Reserve 30SL wheels aim to prove they are, in fact, absolutely necessary for keen mountain bikers looking to optimise their ride.

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Mont Helium 680 sleeping bag: Tested

Camping in the cold alpine backcountry means your sleeping bag needs to be warm, comfortable and robust. We doss down in the Mont 680 to see if it fits that bill.

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How To

Expert advice on all things adventure, whether you’re looking to improve your skill base, or are up for tackling an all-new outdoor activity, we have all the hot tips.

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Paddle Pulse: Top 10 tips for kayak camping

Kayak camping opens up a wider world of water-borne adventure for paddlers, whether that is exploring large estuaries, rivers or remote coastline.

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Into thinner air: Learning to climb mountains with an Everest guide

Mountaineering can take you to the top of the world, and back again. We head to the Aussie Alps in winter to join an outdoor classroom that is aiming high.

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Light and easy: A guide to lightweight camping

For hikers, paddlers and bikepackers, camping gear needs to be light, tough and effective. Sound impossible? Well, no, and here’s how it’s done.

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In The Shadow Of Thor

In a land that never melts, high in the Canadian Arctic lies an Arctic Cordillera where peaks of the Norse Gods; Mt Thor, Mt Odin and Mt Asgard tower over a frozen Nanuvut tundra. It is here where Australian photographer Mark Watson claims he feels most alive.

For many years Watson’s world was that of adrenalin & action sport but a decade of photographing everything from motorsport to big wave surfing awoke a spirit for a new challenge… something rawer.

This short behind the scenes film by award winning producer, director and DOP Jase Hancox touches on the drive behind Watson’s imagery and his search for something purer and more challenging than that of fast paced action.

It’s a journey of a simple walk in a park. It just so happens it is one of mother nature’s most majestic national parks and the temperature outside Watson's tent is well below -20 degrees Celsius.

A Jase Hancox Film

Instagram: @jase_hancox
Facebook: @JaseHancoxFilm

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