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Activity Central

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3, 2, 1 … craft!

There is nothing like making something, don’t you agree?

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Colouring-in corner

Blue, neon, pinks and purples – which hue do you like best? Will it be paints, crayons or pens for you? On your marks, get set … GO!

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LOL jokes

Hope you will love them as much as we do!

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Creature Features

More Creature Features

The truth about sharks

Often misunderstood, and feared – these incredible creatures of the deep need our help. Currently there are 143 sharks on the endangered list and over fishing – mainly for their fins, destruction of their environment and climate change is putting many at critical risk. Sharks are vital for the health of our oceans for lots of… View Article

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Not just a pretty face

Orcas or killer whales as they are also known – are not whales. They are actually from the dolphin family. Orcas are apex predators as the only thing that hunts them – sadly – are humans. These incredible and clever mammals have survived by adapting. Orcas can be found in every ocean on earth (they… View Article

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Tiny but mighty

Redback spiders have a deadly reputation for a good reason. These spiders are highly venomous, a single bite will cause intense pain – sometimes for days, sweating, headaches and vomiting. It is unlikely to be lethal, but always best to get medical advice immediately. In Australia around 2,000 people a year are bitten by redbacks…. View Article

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Our Earth Heroes

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One planet

For the last 60 years, Sir David Attenborough has devoted his life to documenting our incredible world, and all its amazing creatures and places. Now, in his latest Netflix documentary, A Life on Our Planet, he shows us that it is not too late and that we still have time to save it.

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Speaking up

Greta Thunberg has been an international voice for climate change since she was 15 (now 17) when she took her first stand at school. Greta’s sign simply read ‘School strike for climate’ in Swedish. It was that simple handmade sign that has led to a worldwide movement. Greta reminded all of us, it doesn’t matter… View Article

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Saving the sharks

Julius Nielsen is a marine biologist who studies the Greenland Shark – the world’s oldest type of shark.

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Survival Guides

Survival Guides

Fire survival

A bushfire can move at speed and jump homes and highways. This summer help your family prepare with a bushfire plan. (1) Know when you will leave (what fire rating) and how (have at least three ways out). (2) Help your family prepare your home by watering down gutters and plants and keeping the grass… View Article

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Square Eyes

Baby animal videos, mini interviews with our eco heroes, rescues of ringtail possums and our favourite wildlife documentaries - you name it, we found it.

Australian Geographic Cover

This month in Australian Geographic Explorers

Our first issue of Australian Geographic explorers is on sale from November 12! Inside you will find out how you can help sharks, draw koalas, solve puzzles, jokes, and you will also meet one of the world’s youngest astronauts. At Explorers we believe anything is possible and hope you will love it!