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Straight on the wall – posters you’ll want to keep

We ran a competition with Torren’s university and the results were incredbile. Their challenge was to make wall posters that you would want to have on your wall. It was a really hard choice but in the end we chose Danielle Leedie Gray and Damien Davis’s pieces. They were really different to one another but… View Article

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3, 2, 1 … craft!

There is nothing like making something, don’t you agree?

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Colouring-in corner

Blue, neon, pinks and purples – which hue do you like best? Will it be paints, crayons or pens for you? On your marks, get set … GO!

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Poo & Spew

There is a lot more to animal poo and spew than you might think! Let’s find out more.

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Meet the walking sausage!

They have a great nickname but their story is an unhappy one. There are only an estimated 30 or less Lord Howe Island stick insects left.

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Top 10 Killer Whale Facts

There is so much more to killer whales than meets the eye – for starters, they aren’t whales, they are dolphins.

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What happened to this polar bear?

The Ice Bear as Sea Bear by Martin Gregus. It’s part of the exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum, where the 57th Wildlife Photographer Exhibition is currently on show.

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Mad about fungus

Joel Orchard is a sustainable farmer with serious nouse. Mushies is where it is at. Let’s meet him.

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The truth about sharks

The world’s sharks are in trouble. They need our help and their time is running out. Today there are more than 140 sharks on the endangered list. Over fishing (mainly for their fins) and climate change are putting many at critical risk. Explorers caught up with marine biologist Blake Chapman to separate truth from fiction…. View Article

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Fire survival

A bushfire can move at speed and jump homes and highways. This summer help your family prepare with a bushfire plan. (1) Know when you will leave (what fire rating) and how (have at least three ways out). (2) Help your family prepare your home by watering down gutters and plants and keeping the grass… View Article

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Square Eyes

Baby animal videos, mini interviews with our eco heroes, rescues of ringtail possums and our favourite wildlife documentaries - you name it, we found it.

This month in Australian Geographic Explorers

Our first issue of Australian Geographic explorers is on sale from November 12! Inside you will find out how you can help sharks, draw koalas, solve puzzles, jokes, and you will also meet one of the world’s youngest astronauts. At Explorers we believe anything is possible and hope you will love it!