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The truth about sharks

Often misunderstood, and feared – these incredible creatures of the deep need our help. Currently there are 143 sharks on the endangered list and over fishing – mainly for their fins, destruction of their environment and climate change is putting many at critical risk. Sharks are vital for the health of our oceans for┬álots of… View Article

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Not just a pretty face

Orcas or killer whales as they are also known – are not whales. They are actually from the dolphin family. Orcas are apex predators as the only thing that hunts them – sadly – are humans. These incredible and clever mammals have survived by adapting. Orcas can be found in every ocean on earth (they… View Article

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Tiny but mighty

Redback spiders have a deadly reputation for a good reason. These spiders are highly venomous, a single bite will cause intense pain – sometimes for days, sweating, headaches and vomiting. It is unlikely to be lethal, but always best to get medical advice immediately. In Australia around 2,000 people a year are bitten by redbacks…. View Article