Underwater and underrated: the truth behind fish intelligence

Scientists are finding plenty of clues that fish are more intelligent than anyone imagined.

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Dive into the world of Australian natural history.

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Talking Australia

Talking Australia, from award-winning Australian Geographic, shares the stories of Australia’s most inspiring explorers, conservationists and adventurers. Listen as they take you on a journey around this magnificent country and beyond, whether battling the elements to achieve their lifelong dreams or working hard to preserve our unique and fragile natural world.

Each week the podcast features intimate conversations with extraordinary Australians.

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The powerful owl is Australia’s biggest owl, with a wingspan of up to 1.5m. A powerful owl may be able to kill a possum in a single bite, but the species can’t compete with loss of its habitat. It is now threatened with extinction in NSW, Vic, Qld and SA. Despite this, powerful owl’s can survive in suburban backyards and even breed there.

You can help by supporting The Powerful Owl Project, a BirdLife Australia program that’s been working to save these big owls since 2011 by training citizen scientists to undertake hands-on conservation and habitat protection.

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