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Gallery: Rescued possums making strong recovery

An orphaned brushtail possum is making a quick recovery at Taronga Wildlife Hospital, with the help of round-the-clock care and a fluffy kangaroo. The joey, nicknamed ‘Bettina’, was discovered alone and dehydrated in Mosman, Sydney, in September. She was given emergency first aid, then sent to Taronga Wildlife Hospital to be hand-raised by a vet nurse. During her rehabilitation, Bettina became attached to a kangaroo soft toy, which nurses say provides an object of comfort in the absence of a mother. A second orphaned possum is making her recovery after three weeks at the hospital. The five-month old ringtail was found in a car park at Balmoral, Sydney. Since her rescue, she has grown substantially, and learned to lap milk from a dish. Both possums will remain in care until they are fit to begin their soft release, a step towards full release into the wild.


Gallery: World’s smallest gliders

Seven tiny feather-tail glider joeys have left their nesting boxes, eager to explore their Taronga Zoo exhibit. Part of the world’s smallest gliding marsupial, these little joeys are only half the size of a grain of rice at birth, but grow to about one centimeter long before leaving their mother’s pouch. The joeys were discovered in the Taronga Zoo nest boxes recently, and are estimated to be 13 or 14 weeks old.