Playtime in the reeds

By AG STAFF 1 December 2016
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Purple Swamphen chicks play by a small lake in south Perth.

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Heather Thorning, for this adorable image ‘Playtime’, our AG Reader Photo of the Week.

“This was a very special morning for me as a purple swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) mum coaxed her chicks out of the reeds at a small lake in south Perth to play and feed. The chicks were the cutest tiny little black fluffy chicks I think I have ever seen. Running toward mum with their huge prehistoric-looking feet hoping she would give them some tucker. Hilarious to watch,” she says.

“I am an amateur photographer and most of my spare time is outdoors photographing birds and wildlife. I am always on the lookout for unique animal behaviour and special moments just like this.”

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