Highway One: Ewens Ponds

By Catherine Lawson March 18, 2015
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South Australia’s Ewens Ponds may be chilly, but these limestone sink holes make for excellent diving

EWENS PONDS IS a group of three water-filled sink holes, just south of Mt Gambier on South Australia’s Limestone Coast.

The ponds, along Eight Mile Creek, are connected by shallow channels that you can swim through to enter each pond.

On average, they’re no more than 10m deep, so it makes for some great shallow diving, albeit cold. The water temperature hover between 10-15°C, so bring your wetsuit!

The freshwater ponds are part of the Ewens Ponds Conservation Park and are clear enough to see the likes of resident pygmy perch, freshwater crayfish andshort-finned eels.

The sunlight can reach to 6m below the water surface, giving energy for the many plants, which give the impresion of diving through an underwtaer garden.