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John Rumney – Tourism vs. Great Barrier Reef

John Rumney is considered a true legend of the Great Barrier Reef. For decades the passionate diver and boat operator has been taking tourists and scientists to visit it, and has witnessed firsthand the decline of the world’s mightiest and most famous coral reef. John was at the forefront of introducing eco-tourism to the Reef, and to this day he’s an advocate for doing it right. He’s also so committed to saving the Reef that he recently created the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, a program that aims to improve the long-term survival of this precious ecosystem through research. You can find out more about John´s efforts here: https://greatbarrierreeflegacy.org/ This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Angela Heathcote (Digital Producer at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic

Victor Vescovo – The Neil Armstrong of ocean exploration

While 12 people have walked on the moon only three have ever been to the bottom of the ocean. That’s the scale of the life-changing challenge that undersea explorer Victor Vescovo had taken on: Successfully diving the five deeps of the world. After the private equity investor and retired naval officer decided to fund this ground breaking project all by himself, Victor and his team had to overcome many technical challenges by trying to achieve something that has never been done before. The result was a brand new form of submarine that can go to the greatest depths and come back in one piece and do it all over again. On this episode Victor talks about the challenges that led up to his mission and the findings after being down deep like new species that has never been discovered before and new accurate maps of the ocean floors. Here you can find out more about Victors endeavours: https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/australian-geographic-adventure/adventure/2019/09/deeper-than-mt-everest-is-high-diving-the-mariana-trench/ This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Chrissie Goldrick (Editor-in-chief at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic


Best ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef

Whether you wish to observe or dive in, there is a multitude of ways to experience the majesty of this natural living wonder. Are you adventurous and confident in the water? Or do you prefer to stay dry and observe? Discover some of your options in the lists below.