A new way to discover Antarctica: Fly over Drake Passage

Drake Passage’s formidable reputation has long deterred travellers wanting to discover the White Continent. But things have changed. You can now fly across Drake Passage in just two hours and be immersed in Antarctica’s delicate wild places in less time than it takes to drive from Bondi to Newcastle. Here’s how you can explore the wonders of Antarctica while avoiding a multi-day ocean crossing of Drake Passage.

History and Culture

The macabre history of Canberra’s ‘haunted’ NFSA building

The National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra is housed in a building with stripped classical architecture and Art Deco elements. But look closer and you’ll see wombat faces peeping through roundels, goannas carved on the heads of columns, frill-necked lizards framing the front entrance and a skylight in the foyer featuring a stylised platypus. These details are a window into its past as the National Museum of Australian Zoology, later renamed the Australian Institute of Anatomy.