Video: Last of the servos

By Joanna Egan 23 April 2015
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Brisbane’s Buckland Auto is one of the last legitimate ‘servos’ – where petrol is pumped for you and a grease monkey tinkers out back

MORNING LIGHT SHINES on the apartment blocks and townhouses at Nundah, in Brisbane’s inner north-east. It’s rush hour, and as pedestrians hustle past busy shops and cafes, a stream of vehicles whirs along Buckland and Sandgate roads.

Amid the bustle, a car pulls into the driveway of Buckland Auto Service, one of Queensland’s oldest family-run servos. Marilyn Russell, who owns and manages it with husband Bill, heads out to greet the driver.

She leans in through the passenger window and chats with the woman behind the wheel, one of her regulars. “Sixty litres?” she asks. The woman nods, then clicks open the petrol cap of her white sedan.  

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