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Around the nation in 44 days

Award-winning flyer Michael Smith will recreate a significant milestone in Australia’s aviation history with a solo circumnavigation of the continent.

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Soundtrack to a new life

Dulcie Holland is best known for her books on music theory. But in a career spanning nearly 70 years, she also composed music for documentaries promoting Australia’s postwar immigration strategy.


King Tutankhamun’s forgotten man

As celebrations ramp up to mark 100 years since the most famous archaeological discovery of all time, meet the little-known Tasmanian Egyptologist who played a pivotal role.

History & Culture

Explore over 30 years of Australian Geographic pull-out posters

They decorated your classrooms, your bedrooms and even the back of your toilet door. Australian Geographic posters have, since the magazines inception, played an important part in informing our readership about the incredible flora and fauna, landscapes and history of Australia. Here are some of our favourites from over the years.