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Wombat Watch: Week 1

Baby wombats orphaned by the Victoria bushfires are in good hands. Stay tuned to the AG Blog as Kylie Piper keeps an eye on them.

In February 2009, bushfires swept through Victoria, destroying towns and lives during the day that has come to be known as Black Saturday.

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Wombat Watch: Week 2

We checked in with Wombalano, orphaned by the bushfires, and found she has established a new home and discovered her favourite food!

Wombats are rarely found after fires. This is because they can safely hide in their burrows out of harm’s way as the fires pass overhead. In the 2009 Black Saturday fires the intense heat caused by the flames is thought to have removed the air from the burrows…

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Wombat Watch: Week 3

The fires have not just devastated the animal population – they have also affected the environment in which they live. Exotic grasses and weeds are beginning to shoot up in place of the native grasses necessary for the wombat’s survival. Small wombats, like Wombalano and her sisters, can be harmed by these exotic plants which can be toxic to the wombat’s system.

Students at the Darraweit Guim Primary School…

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Wombat Watch: Week 4

One by one they emerged from their burrow. I’d like to think they came out to see me, but the truth is they were far more interested in the rustling of the food bucket and Annie gently calling “wombie, wombie”.

It was my first site of little Wombalano and I was smitten. She was followed by her big sister Wyerigeru who watched me closely and was never quite convinced that I was a friend. At the sound of the camera shutter she would quickly scurry back into the mysterious burrow…