VIDEO: George the wombat

By AG Staff July 12, 2017
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There’s nothing cuter than a baby wombat.

It was baby George’s first birthday yesterday and he continues to show strong signs of recovery. Here’s the young wombat playing with the Australian Reptile Park’s general manager, Tim Faulkner.

Things have been looking up for George, since his mother was hit by a car while he was still in her pouch. 

“Eight months on from George’s arrival and he is thriving! It’s always hit and miss with these little orphans. It’s hard to know if they’ve been exposed to disease, are malnourished or even injured in the accident.,” Tim said.

“He has pulled through like a true champion. I’m so proud of the Australian ambassador George has become. Australian wildlife needs all the help it can get and George has stolen everyone’s heart, again!”

Video courtesy of Tim Faulkner and The Australian reptile Park.