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Rare, ancient stromatolites discovered in Tasmania

These large grey mounds, known as stromatolites are said to be the oldest record of life on earth, with only a few colonies still in existence. But now scientists have discovered that they’re thriving in the Tasmanian wilderness.

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GALLERY: The kelp forests of the Great Southern Reef

The massive network of rocky reefs that lines much of southern Australia’s coastline is a shadowy cold-water underworld dominated by brown seaweeds known as kelp. The Great Southern Reef might not be as visually flamboyant as Australia’s world-famous Great Barrier Reef, with its colourful hard corals and sunlit shallow waters, but its communities of creatures are unlike anything else worldwide.


Welcome to Doo Town

From ‘Dr Doolittle’ to ‘Wattle-I-Doo’, nearly 40 houses in this little town of seaside shacks on the Tasman Peninsula share the name ‘Doo’.