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Profile: Greg Mortimer

More than 60 years after the first ascent of Mt Everest by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, we talk to mountaineer Greg Mortimer about the first Australian ascent of the world’s highest peak.


GALLERY: The sentinels of climate change

AG Society-sponsored adventurer Tim Jarvis hoped to “instil a sense of urgency” at the COP21 climate change conference in Paris when he climbed three equatorial mountains with melting glaciers and live streamed what he saw to world leaders. The climb was a part of the 25zero project, which coordinated summits of all 25 equatorial mountains with glaciers predicted to disappear within the next 25 years – some of which are pictured in the gallery below. This year, Tim Jarvis will be a guest speaker at the AG Society Awards night. To book your tickets click HERE.


Mount Anne Circuit

Tassie throws its best weather at this crew on their attempt at the Mount Anne Circuit, as well as a last-minute change, just so they don’t forget where they are.


Climbing California’s Mt Shasta

Northern California’s Mt Shasta is steeped in legend. Spooky stories claim it’s home to survivors of a sunken continent, but what really gets climbers up at night is the prospect of bad weather.