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The journey to find the Endeavour

After a 20-year search for the final resting place of Captain James Cook’s famous ship HMB Endeavour, maritime archaeologists are finally closing in on its wreck in the US state of Rhode Island.

How to turn sailing into a time-travel adventure: Captain Gary Wilson

Talking Australia
How to turn sailing into a time-travel adventure: Captain Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson turned his passion and love for the sea into a unique career. The master mariner guides guests around the coastline of Australia and its neighbours for pioneering Australian adventure cruise company Coral Expeditions. Another passion of Gary’s is marine history, and over the years he has learned to master the art of sailing replica ships around the globe. Historic vessels such as Captain James Cook´s legendary Endeavour (originally built in 1764) and more recently an exact replica of the lesser-known Dutch ship Duyfken (originally built in 1595), the first to reach Australia. On this episode Gary talks about some of the upcoming once-in-a-lifetime experiences you can share with him and Coral Expeditions, and explains what it feels like to travel back in time sailing historic ships. Here you can find out more about Gary Wilson’s adventures. This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Chrissie Goldrick (Editor-in-chief at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak ( You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic