Top 6 birds of the Galápagos archipelago


Straddling the equator, born of fire and shaped by the confluence of three ocean currents, the Galápagos archipelago has a unique place in the natural world. Found here are the animals that prompted Charles Darwin to imagine and formulate the theory that explained the diversity of life: evolution by natural selection. Here are our six favourite birds that call the Galápagos archipelago home.

GALLERY: The colourful robins of central Victoria


The boulder-strewn open woodlands of central Victoria are sometimes referred to as the “robinfields”. It’s probably the only area where you can hope to see, in the one place, nine of the 20 species in the Australian robin family.

Great Australian cockies


DARREN HAMLEY is a coordinator of gifted education at Willetton Senior High School in Western Australia. Earlier this year he asked his students to plan an expedition to photograph every species of cockatoo in Australia. They researched the best location to see each of the fourteen species and planned the trip from beginning to end researching weather, equipment, camping locations and where to actually find the birds. All but one was captured— the Palm Cockatoo, which is isolated by floodwaters.