Turning bird photography into fine art: Leila Jeffreys

By AG STAFF 29 October 2019
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Talking Australia
Turning bird photography into fine art: Leila Jeffreys
Leila Jeffreys is a fine art photographer famous for her Australian bird portraits. Rather than capturing her motives in the outdoors she brings them into a photo studio environment and creates truly unique pictures of local birds. This gives her the ability to capture incredible detail and the results are pictures that bend the idea of where nature photography ends and fine art begins. On this episode she talks about how she ended up in photography, what motivated her to focus on bird portraits and her most special photo shoot ever. Here you can find out more about Leila´s work: https://www.leilajeffreys.com/ This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Angela Heathcote (Digital Producer at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic