Lifetime of Adventure 2016

Deep-sea diver Ron Allum continues to inspire with his inventive technology.
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RON ALLUM’S INGENUITY is the stuff of legend. He helped to build the Deepsea Challenger, a submersible that reached the Earth’s deepest point in 2012 with US director James Cameron inside. Ron first worked with James in 2001, when he joined the director’s Titanic expedition team, and he continued to assist with technical projects before work began on Challenger in 2005. In the Aussie adventuring community, Ron is known as a record-breaking cave-diver, and was part of the 1988 Society-sponsored expedition team that was trapped underground when a rainstorm hit the Nullarbor Plain (AG#19). The radio system rigged up by Ron, a former ABC radio engineer, was essential to the team’s eventual escape.