Adventurer of the Year: Pat Farmer

By AG Society 20 June 2012
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The Australian Geographic Society’s Adventurer of the Year Award is accepted by marathon runner Pat Farmer.

MARATHON RUNNER Pat Farmer established himself as the frontrunner for the AG Society’s Adventurer of the Year Award for 2012 when he arrived home in February from his race around the world. His epic journey from the North to the South Pole will go down as one of Australia’s great endurance feats.

In April 2011 Pat left the magnetic North Pole and began to pound a path across the Arctic through north, central and south America, and then on to Antarctica, averaging the distance of two marathons a day on a 21,000km path to the South Pole. In the process he raised $100,000 for the Red Cross’ clean water and disaster relief projects.

This mind-boggling journey isn’t the first endurance test for Pat: in 1999 he set a world record for a 10,000km in 129 days and recorded the fastest continuous Around Australia Long Run in 191 days and 10 minutes.
Pat has also served eight years as a member of Australia’s Parliament, with three years as Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training.

The Pole to Pole trip, which is the longest ultra-marathon run to date in the world, is just another extraordinary feather in his cap.