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Sarah Davis – Paddling the Nile: 7 months of hippos, deserts and danger

Sarah Davis is a risk-management expert who took on a seven-month journey full of peril: angry hippos, blazing heat, kidnapping threats, civil war and raging rapids. All to fulfill her dream of paddling the Nile River from its source to the sea. Despite being a seasoned and successful ocean paddler, nothing could prepare her for the adventure ahead. On this episode Sarah talks about her training and meticulous prep, and how her first encounter with a territorial hippo just days into the journey made her realise it was a far bigger challenge than imagined. You can find out more about Sarah here: https://www.paddlethenile.com/ This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Liz Ginis (Managing Editor Digital at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com) You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic

Gear Test

Tested: Kathmandu Mono Tent v2

There are few things better than hiking solo – especially if it’s an overnight escape; packing a few essentials into your pack – food, water, stove, sleeping gear – is the true definition of simplicity. Of course, besides all this gear, you also need a shelter. Ideally, this shelter must be light in weight but still robust enough to withstand those often-wild spring/summer/autumn storms we can cop on the east coast of Australia. Finding that combo of lightweight and tough construction, however, isn’t always easy.

Jimmy Ashby – Growing up on a bike ride around the world

At only 18 years of age, passionate cyclist and outdoor enthusiast Jimmy Asbhy jumped on his bike and set off on a life-changing trip that even the most devoted cyclists would balk at. The South Australian teenager wanted to fulfil his dream to cycle around the whole world all by himself. Thirteen months later, Jimmy had cycled 39,000km, crossing 32 countries on four continents before arriving back home in Adelaide. In this episode he shares some of the fascinating stories and talks about people he met along the way and how the adventure helped him to find the “true Jimmy”. This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Liz Ginis (Managing Editor Digital at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com) You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic


Mal Leyland’s life on the road

In their heyday, pioneering outback filmmakers the Leyland brothers were Australian television icons. Decades on, Mal Leyland – one half of the famous duo – is still on the road and in front of the camera.


In pictures: 2019 Australian Geographic Gala Awards

On Friday, 1 November 2019, we toasted the achievements of some of Australia’s greatest conservationists and adventurers at the annual Australian Geographic Society Gala Awards night in Sydney, with special guest Victor Vescovo.

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Cycling Central

Wondering what kind of riding you might like to do? Here’s a quick guide to four of the most popular disciplines within the sport.

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Water worlds

Australia is jam-packed with paddling opportunities covering all disciplines from sea kayaking and canoeing to whitewater rafting and kayaking. If you want to dip your paddle in the water and explore our immense coastline, big rivers or some of the world’s best whitewater, here’s how.

Nick Gleeson – How a blind adventurer has seen more than most of us

Nick Gleeson has achieved more in his life than most people could dream of. He climbed to the summit Mount Kilimanjaro, climbed beyond Mount Everest’s base camp, ran the New York marathon three times, made it onto the state cricket team of Victoria, carried the Olympic torch, and represented Australia in athletics. He also crossed the Simpson Desert and a part of Lake Eyre National Park – all while being blind since age 7. On this episode Nick shares his amazing life story, and chats about how he managed to turn tragic events in his life into a positive attitude that has helped him fulfil dreams that most people with the gift of sight might never be able to cross off their bucket lists. The athlete and author is a truly remarkable soul and listening to him talk about his adventures and other passions, such as art, fills you with joy and happiness. Here you can find out more about Nick´s adventures: http://nicholasgleeson.com.au/ This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Chrissie Goldrick (Editor-in-chief at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic