Aurora Expeditions debut eco-friendly ship for most remote places on Earth

By Benny Kennedy-Cox 24 May 2022
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Adventurous travellers can deepen their exploration of the Earth’s most remote places on the world’s first ship dedicated to ocean conservation, Aurora Expeditions’ new Sylvia Earle.

Named for decorated marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer, Dr Sylvia Earle, the purpose-built ship aims to continue the good doctor’s message of conservation with intimate and educational expeditions.

Set to be the new benchmark of remote expeditions, Sylvia Earle will be built to face the most intense conditions from the infamous Drake Passage to the hostile Denmark Strait. With a planned length of 104 metres, the ship will feature eight decks, all providing stunning views of the Antarctic wilderness. 

There is also an ocean view from every cabin (nearly all have balconies). And with a planned average capacity of just 130–140 expeditioners per voyage, it provides smaller groups of travellers a cosier, more intimate experience.  

Voyages on Sylvia Earle will draw explorers closer together than ever before thanks to unique activity programs designed to inspire even the most seasoned of adventurers. Sea kayaking, scuba diving, polar snorkelling and alpine trekking will be available for people yearning to be within reach of the final frontiers of human exploration. 

Embark on various water adventures, such as kayaking, from the activity preparation areas at the stern of the ship.

Dr Slyvia Earle is revered for her educational messages concerning environmental conservation, which is why her eponymous ship has been designed to practise what Earle preaches. The streamlined Ulstein X-BOW, which is the reverse of a conventional bow, leaning backwards instead of forwards, is set to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The Slyvia Earle will also use virtual anchoring, which determines boat position using GPS and maintains boat position by computer control when the boat is at rest, to protect the sea floor from damage caused by conventional anchors.

Set to be christened by her namesake, Sylvia Earle’s inaugural season will focus on Antarctic voyages with a duration of 12–23 days (sail/fly options available to skip the Drake Passage). 

Voyages on Slyvia Earle’s maiden season are currently available for up to 20 per cent off until 30 June 2022. Her planned maiden voyage will leave Santiago, Chile on 4 November 2022 for a 17-day Subantarctic safari around the Falkland and South Georgia islands.

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