Australia’s birds, going for silver and a song

By AG STAFF 9 August 2021
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Lifelike full-colour portraits of Australia’s most iconic birds on newly released Birds of Australia Commemorative Collection. An Australian Geographic special offer.

The Birds of Australia Commemorative Collection is inspired by the historic illustrations from the father of Australian ornithology John Gould’s ground-breaking work The Birds of Australia. Each pure silver-plated, 40mm commemorative features a precisely detailed strike, enhanced with a full-colour image, bringing each unique bird to life.

Proudly presented by Downies Collectables, the collection features 24 iconic Australian birds.

The collection is available as a monthly subscription and exclusive to Australian Geographic readers at a special discounted price! The first release celebrates the colourful eastern rosella and is available for the special introductory price of only $29.95 – SAVE $30 on the monthly series price! 

Each future release features a different, stunningly detailed bird design. The collection honours Gould with a unique obverse design bearing his name, and special ‘JG’ privymark next to each bird design. These beautiful commemoratives will be sent at a convenient monthly rate for only $59.95 (plus $12 postage and handling) per month. 

Some of the featured Australian birds include:

Kookaburra – famous for its distinctive laugh!

Black swan – one of Western Australia’s key icons.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo – named in honour of Australian explorer Major Sir Thomas Mitchell.

Gouldian finch – a brightly coloured finch named in honour of John Gould’s wife, Elizabeth. 

Little penguin – the smallest species of penguin, sometimes referred to as a fairy penguin.

Pale-headed rosella – nesting in the hollow of eucalypt trees, it can be distinguished by its bright yellow head

Australian masked owl – named for its heart shaped mask, this owl preys on small mammals such as rabbits and possums.

The Birds of Australia Commemorative Collection includes informative hardback presentation folders and a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the specifications and quality of each commemorative. These are supplied throughout the subscription as FREE accessories, designed to enhance the collecting experience. The Birds of Australia Commemorative Collection is a limited-edition collection available exclusively from Downies Collectables. 

To order your set or find out more, head here.