Queensland woman rescues brown snake from netting

By Australian Geographic 29 March 2021
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You need a mighty delicate touch to execute this incredible rescue of a highly venomous snake.

A local Queensland woman has rescued a brown snake after it became trapped in netting at a home in Logan Village, Queensland.

Licensed wildlife rescuer Jasmine Zeleny was called to a home after the snake was spotted at the entrance of the family’s chicken coop. However, it’d hardly moved. “Once they told me this I knew something was wrong – even before I saw the snake and the situation it was in,” Jasmine says.

Jasmine cut the snake from a mass of netting before transporting it to a safer environment to remove the remaining netting around its head. 

“After the head was free I held it while my helper Matt cut off the rest of the netting, which was tangled around the snake’s body. 

“Thankfully, the minimal damage sustained was superficial and the snake was full of energy, so it was able to be released the same day. It definitely helped that it was in an area that is shaded at all times of the day.”

Jasmine has seven years’ experience catching and handling snakes, and advised anyone who comes across a venomous snake to call their local wildlife rescue organisation or snake catcher immediately. 

She also encouraged people to use more animal-friendly netting. “Unfortunately this large bird netting is commonly used, and it isn’t just snakes that get caught in it, but also birds and mammals. There are plenty of wildlife friendly alternatives that can be used. 

“Wildlife-friendly netting should have a mesh square size less than 5mm. You shouldn’t be able to push your finger through. If you are disposing of old bird netting, make sure you do so responsibly to ensure wildlife cannot become entangled in it.”

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