AG Spirit of Adventure Awards

By AG Staff 7 July 2018
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This accolade is awarded to people whose efforts reflect a strength, determination and the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve their goal. Here are the past winners.

2022 Sophie Matterson

2019 Nick Gleeson

2018 Paul Pritchard

2017 Lisa Blair 

2016 Brian Freeman, Alyssa Azar and Lachlan Smart

2015 Huw Kingston

2014 Heath Jamieson and Sean Donoghue

2012 James Castrission and Justin Jones

2011 N/A

2010 Alex Vail, Tane Sinclair-Taylor and Joshua Stewart

2009 Gemma Woldendorp, Natasha Sebire and Andrew Hughes

2008 Esther Nunn, Cheryl and Nikki Bart, Chris Bray and Clark Carter

2007 Andrew Gregory and Kieran Kelly

2006 Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan, Lang Kidby and Warren Brown

2005 David Noble

2004 Ben Kozel, Tim Jarvis and Libby Hall

2003 Rob Rymill and Susie Brown

2002 Operation Pilgrimage, Nicholas Gleeson, Lowanna and Kevin Doye

2001 Chris Hatherly, Tim Cope and Fran West

2000 Sth Georgia Travers Expedition, Curnow–Andreasen family and John Wallington

1999 Brian Walker, Sue Fear and Warren McDonald

1998 Greg and Vicki Warburton, Treseder, Williams, Brown, Max and Sheila Newman

1997 Alan Warild, Brigitte Muir and Susie Moroney

1996 Jon Johanson and Eric Philips

1995 Philip and Ifta Gee, Katie Reid, Amelia Kewley, Stuart Murray, Wade Fairley and Angus Finney

1994 Anne Lise Guy, Glenn Singleman, Nic Feteris, Morie Ward, Tom Williams, Dave Robinson, Keith Williams, Ian Brown and Peter Treseder.

1993 Katie Reid, Drew Kettle, Mike McDowell and Don McIntyre

1992 Terry Bolland, Peter Treseder, John Walmsley and Margaret Noffs

1991 Greg Mortimer, Greg Child and Tim Macartney-Snape

1990 Gaby Kennar, Michael and Sue Cusack

1989 Greg Mortimer, Kay Cottee, Ashley Coulston, Andrew Wight and Chris Baxter

1988 Australian Bicentennial Antarctic Expedition Aden Wickes

1987 Mike Dillon, Ron Ware and Sorrel Wilby

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