Science is verifying traditional ‘Mother Earth’ mythology: David Suzuki

By AG Staff 21 September 2016
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For centuries, indigenous cultures have referred to our planet as ‘Mother Earth’ – and it’s time to recognise they were right, says David Suzuki.

MODERN SCIENCE IS regularly verifying the ancient wisdom of our planet as ‘Mother Earth’, and this understanding is key to how we should be approaching the environmental challenges we currently face.

This is one of many of the arguments that renowned Canadian scientist, environmentalist, author and broadcaster David Suzuki will bring to the AG Society Gala Awards this 27 October, where he will be appearing as special guest speaker before an audience of Australian environmentalists, adventurers and their supporters.

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When indigenous people refer to the planet as ‘Mother Earth’, they are not speaking romantically, poetically or metaphorically, says David. They mean it literally – and science is proving them right.

“We are of the Earth, every cell in our bodies formed by molecules derived from plants and animals, inflated by water, energised by sunlight captured through photosynthesis and ignited by atmospheric oxygen,” David says.

David Suzuki

David Suzuki will be special guest speaker at the 2016 AG Society Gala Awards.

Speaking at the annual AG Society Awards for the first time ever, David will be tying the arguments he is famous for – about our place on the Earth and humanity’s growing disconnect from nature in the modern world – to an Australian context.

Tickets are still available to see David Suzuki speak at the Awards in Sydney this 27 October.

Held annually since 1987, the AG Society Gala Awards recognise the best of Australian achievements in adventure and conservation.

Previous winners include Bindi Irwin (2014 Young Conservationist of the Year), Tim Flannery (2014 Lifetime of Conservation Award), Tim Jarvis (2013 Adventurer of the Year) and Bob Brown (2012 Lifetime of Conservation Award).

This year’s AG Society Gala Awards will be held at the Sofitel Wentworth Grand Ballroom in Sydney, NSW on 27 October.

The ticket price includes a night of entertainment and celebration in the company of some of Australia’s greatest adventurers and environmentalists, plus a three-course meal and wine. There will also be auctions and raffles on the night, with proceeds going to the not-for-profit AG Society.

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