Snake bites spike in Queensland

By AG STAFF January 22, 2016
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A dozen people and a kitten have fallen victim to snake bites in the past three days in Queensland.

QUEENSLAND MEDIA IS reporting an unusual spike in snake bites this week, with at least a dozen incidents in the past three days across the state, and eight people hospitalised across QLD yesterday alone.

Victims include an 18-month-old boy in Toowooomba, 125km west of Brisbane, who was taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon after his mother found him holding a live snake, according to a report by the Brisbane Times.

Another man in his late 30s was bitten by an eastern brown snake at a property near Yeppoon, about 40km north-east of Rockhampton, and a woman is reportedly fighting for her life after being bitten on the ankle while out walking in Agnes Water, near Gladstone.

On Wednesday, a two-month-old kitten was also eaten by a carpet snake in Rockhampton.

According to Steve Wilson, a reptile expert at the Queensland Museum, the unusually warm and wet conditions in QLD at the moment make for an ideal environment for snakes.

However, he added that it’s difficult to name any one reason behind the spike in snake bite incidents without knowing the circumstances of each bite.

“Snakes are normally very good at getting out of our way,” he said. “Usually the easiest way to avoid a snake bite is to leave it alone.”

To avoid surprising a snake and receiving a nasty surprise in return, Steve recommends always checking before putting your hands and feet anywhere you can’t see.