Ultimate Trilogy wins Nancy-Bird Walton sponsorship

By Jemma Castle 30 November 2013
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Four female adventurers will journey from sea to summit on a mission to inspire women everywhere.

A group of four women have been awarded the 2012 Nancy-Bird Walton sponsorship to aid them in their sea to summit mission traversing Chile and its coastline, culminating in the climbing of South America’s highest peak, Mount Aconcagua.

 The Ultimate Trilogy will be an epic ice, sea and land adventure that’s never been attempted before.

Linda Beilharz and Margaret Bowling, both from Australia, alongside two of the most intrepid female adventurers in the world, Carhy O’Dowd and Tara Remington will receive the $5000 Nancy-Bird Walton sponsorship, given to female adventurers to encourage and support them to fulfil their dreams. 

“Not enough women realise they can do amazing things and the stories about those who do are limited, reflecting the general attitude towards sporting or adventurous women,” says Linda.

The self-led, four to five month journey will begin with a three-week traverse across the rarely visited North Patagonia icecap.

Arriving at the San Rafael Glacier on the Chilean coast, they will then use an ocean rowing boat to make their way up the 1,700 kilometres of coastline to the coastal town of Valparaiso. Similar sea expeditions were undertaken by Charles Darwin and by people in motor boats, but this will be the first time anyone has rowed the western coastline of Chile in an ocean boat.

After their five week row, they will continue to the last leg of their journey – a two-week walk, over 200 kilometres, to Mount Aconcagua and then the final ascent up the 6962 metre summit, expected to take another three weeks.

 “I have strong experience in icecap crossings, some experience in mountaineering and no experience in ocean rowing,” says Linda.

One of Linda’s favourite aspects of adventures is the way you have to work so closely and intensely with a small group of interdependent people.

“I will be both a leader and a learner. I get to use skills I have, learn new ones and spend time with a team with whom shared leadership and sharing knowledge will be a valued characteristic.”

“The Ultimate Trilogy will inspire people, especially women to follow their dreams – to be adventurous,” says Linda.

The Ultimate Trilogy
3 week ski traverse across northern Patagonian icecap
Row 100 kms through fjords and then 1500 kms along the coast to Valparaiso
Walk 200kms to Mt Aconcagua and then
Climb Mt Aconcagua – the tallest mountain in SA – 6962m summit.