Through the Hubble

By Amy Middleton 17 August 2009
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Some of the best footage and photos from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Since the Hubble Space Telescope began its indefinite orbit in 1990, it has surfaced countless observations of previously unseen corners of the universe, and its natural processes.

Two renowned images, known as the Deep Field and Ultra Deep Field, are referred to by some as the most important images in our understanding and observation of the greater universe and its contents.

The Ultra Deep Field image captures thousands of galaxies, and looks back billions of light years. Thanks to digital rendering, we can watch a 3D navigation that simulates movement through the galaxies in the deepest of images taken by Hubble, providing a sense of space and the universe’s rate of expansion. The video begins with some Hubble history, that leads up to a digital fly-through of the Ultra Deep Field.

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