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Science & Environment

Running rings around galaxies

When someone mentions a galaxy, odds are you’ll imagine a disc-like whirlpool of stars rotating majestically in space. If you grew up in Britain, you’d probably imagine a chocolate bar, but that’s a different story.

Science & Environment

Supercomputer pinpoints a meteorite’s origin

Today’s researchers in astronomy and space science have access to a remarkable array of tools, including state-of-the-art telescopes both in space and on the ground. Less obvious to the casual onlooker, though, is their access to computing facilities that earlier generations of scientists could only dream of – and Australia boasts supercomputers that are the envy of the scientific world.


Deflecting an asteroid

Space scientists everywhere are following the final movements of a little craft in deep space on a mission that could profoundly affect humankind’s future.


Sounds of Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover, accompanied by a helicopter drone called Ingenuity, is seeking geological evidence of past life on Mars.