Category: Wildlife


Numbat force

A group of numbat lovers has come to the rare marsupial’s rescue in a pocket of south-western WA.


VIDEO: Baby numbats

Our latest AG Reader Video comes from Robert McLean in south-western WA, who captured this footage of endangered baby numbats in their burrow.


The possum that hugs

Long bear-hugs, rotating sentinels and mothers forming bridges are just some of the unique behaviours of Australia’s elusive rock ringtail possum.


The wattle war

Australia has earned resentment overseas for something that seems very ordinary – our wattles having Acacia as their genus name. In Africa, botanists have spoken of “extreme unhappiness” and “profound outrage” over this situation.


Welcome to croc country: telling fact from fiction

The swamps, rivers and estuaries across northern Australia are home to one of the biggest, fiercest – and perhaps most misunderstood – predators in the world. We wrestle the saltwater crocodile facts from the fiction, including how to stay safe in croc country.