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The AG Journey: Meet the Country Women’s Association

In Week 1 of the AG team’s brand new blog, staff writer Bridget pays a visit to the CWA, and uncovers the true spirit of community.

One of the best things about working for Australian Geographic is that it allows us to speak to a huge variety of knowledgeable and interesting people. They can be scientists, researchers, environmentalists, professors, museum curators, adventurers or nature enthusiasts. Or they’re ordinary folk who happen to have a passion for something – whether it’s their community, a cause or an organisation…

AG Society News

Wombat Watch: Week 3

The fires have not just devastated the animal population – they have also affected the environment in which they live. Exotic grasses and weeds are beginning to shoot up in place of the native grasses necessary for the wombat’s survival. Small wombats, like Wombalano and her sisters, can be harmed by these exotic plants which can be toxic to the wombat’s system.

Students at the Darraweit Guim Primary School…

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The AG Society Blog: Inspiration from the inbox

I sit here wondering how I will find the time to write an update for this blog on a regular basis. How will I crawl out from under the ever growing pile of paper that covers my desk? Where will the inspiration come from to write something… anything?

And then I get an update from Andrew Hughes…

AG Society News

The AG Journey: From the design desk

It’s been a busy few weeks on the AG design desk; we’re commissioning illustrations and graphics and working out how the next edition of the journal will look. At this initial stage of the process we take an overview, ensuring we have a variety of stories that will be both visually and editorially diverse…