Landcare contest gets kids outside

By Clementine Thuilier 29 November 2013
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A new photography contest, judged in part by Australian Geographic, encourages kids to get outside.

THIS OCTOBER, JUNIOR LANDCARE is launching a new challenge for all children aged 8 to 16 across Australia and Australian Geographic will be part of the judging.

Kids are invited to borrow the family camera and explore their close environment for their chance to win exciting prizes while sharing their discoveries with the rest of the country.

The challenge encourages the budding explorers to get to know the nature surrounding them by producing a short series of pictures or a short video telling the story of their own garden, answering the question “How does your backyard grow?”

The images can deal with a range of topics such as growing herbs in the family garden that will be used for cooking, or dealing with snails in a community garden. It can illustrate the cycle of life for animals or plants of the garden or show the unique aspects of growing plants in specific regions of the country. It can show the successes or challenges of growing plants depending on the local conditions, the natural events, or the weather.

Those who do not have a big backyard or live on a farm can also enter the challenge: there is also a lot to say about what can grow in a pot or on your balcony.
Kids can enter the competition as individuals or as a group. Why not work on it as a class, with your parents or grandparents, or with friends or a community group.

The best projects will be rewarded by great prizes such as cameras, video cameras, or award packs.

The challenge starts Monday, 10 September and ends Friday, 16 November.

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