Buzz Aldrin guest of honour at AG Society awards

By Kylie Piper 7 November 2013
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Second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin is coming to the AG Society awards in October.

EACH YEAR IT IS the Australian Geographic Society Administrator’s job to organise the Australian Geographic Awards. It’s the one night of the year that AG gets to applaud those Aussies who’ve achieved great things in the fields of adventure and conservation. This year it will also celebrate a great achievement in AG history – our 100th issue!

So when the event planning began many months ago the cry went out around the office. Who would be our guest of honour? Names were thrown back and forth, to and fro until the voice of Chrissie Goldrick, AG Picture Editor, was heard above the din – “What about Buzz?”

In 2009 Buzz Aldrin had been interviewed for an AG article to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing. The whole office crowded into a tiny meeting room until there was standing room only just to hear his voice coming down the line. We were all in awe just like the many millions who had watched his first steps on the Moon so many years ago.

So that was it, we’d try Buzz. The email was sent and a reply received –  Aldrin has just had to clear some dates but he would love to attend. That’s when the panic started. How do we get him here? When will he be here? Who can we sit next to him? What will he do when he is here? Is he definitely coming? What if he doesn’t come? What if he does?

Months have passed and some of these questions are yet to be answered but the most important one has – Buzz Aldrin is coming to the AG Awards in October and will be our guest of honour on the night.

BUY YOUR TICKET NOW, or call (02) 9263 9866, and you can hang out with Buzz too!

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Kylie Piper is the Australian Geographic Society Administrator.