HISTORY & CULTURE Kelpie country

Australian kelpies are regarded as highly intelligent and are renowned for their loyalty and tenacity. 

Working kelpies are capable of mustering and droving all types of livestock with little guidance, making them invaluable to farmers.

“One working kelpie can contribute more than $40,000 of work in its lifetime.”

It’s common for a kelpie to run up to 60km a day, and leap great heights. The record is 2.951m.

While Casterton, south-western Victoria, is nationally recognised as the birthplace of the kelpie, it's actually Warrock, just to the north.

The breed’s foundation female, named Kelpie, was born at Warrock in 1869. 

Her offspring, known as Kelpie’s pups, were highly prized and the bloodline soon spread far and wide. The rest is canine history.

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