Something spectacular is happening in Tasmania’s Midlands.

On the banks of the Macquarie River, some very odd-looking structures are dotted along the water’s edge.

They form the Species Hotel Sculpture Walk.

More than just public art, they also play a crucial role in the local environment.

These ‘Species Hotels’ provide habitat for small wildlife, and are designed and constructed by University of Tasmania's architecture students.

They must incorporate the two essential things an animal needs to live and thrive – shelter and access to food, but should also cater to other individual needs.

The Species Hotel project is a part of a larger initiative by Greening Australia, which has been working to restore the Tasmanian midlands.

It's a vast expanse of land that has been used for agriculture for more than 200 years.

The team have been working to restore the natural environment for more than a decade. 

The Species Hotels are providing crucial habitat for animals moving back to the area. 

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