Image Credit: Chris Bray

Video: Lion cubs up close and personal

  • January 20, 2014

Chris Bray, AG Society Trustee and recipient of the AG Society's Young Adventurer of the Year award (2004), shot this footage of some lion cubs while on a recent photo safari in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

"As soon as the cubs wandered right up to it and started performing so perfectly right in front of the camera, with perfect lighting, I was suddenly horrified that I may not have turned the camera on.

Looking through my lens, I couldn't see if the little red 'filming' light was blinking or not - it looked like it wasn't. I was devastated... When the lioness finally decided to move on and the cubs followed so we could get it back, I was so excited and relieved to see it was indeed still recording! Then of course I started worrying if the camera had been tilted too low to see the cubs face when they were so close.

I could hardly wait to get back to the safari lodge to download it to my laptop and check. All the lodge staff came and crowded around to watch it several times, it was perfect!

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