The tiny quokka inside mother, Coco's pouch. Image Credit: Australian Reptile Park

VIDEO: Australian Reptile Park welcomes first quokka joey

  • BY AG Staff |
  • September 21, 2017

Congratulations to the new parents, Coco and Basil!

THE Australian Reptile Park has welcomed its very first quokka joey (Setonix brachyurus), which was discovered in the pouch of its mother, Coco in early August. 

The park says that in the first year of their arrival they spotted Coco and the joeys father, Basil getting friendly and were hopeful that the union would deliver a nice surprise. 

"The joey is getting bigger and is just weeks away from starting to poke her/his head out of mum’s pouch. Over the next few months the joey will start venturing out of mum’s pouch," a spokesperosn for the park said. 

Tim Faulkner, the park's General manager said that this was a chance to draw attention to conservation efforts directed at the quokka. 

“The quokka's notoriety worldwide is important as quokkas have reduced in great numbers in South Western Australia due to feral animals like foxes and cats. Their strong hold is Rottnest Island where it is a protected species," he said.

"Quokkas are currently listed as "vulnerable," on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This is why The Australian Reptile Park is proud that these quokkas are a part of a nation-wide captive breeding program to help boost the population of quokkas.”

It's been a successful year for the Australian Reptile Park's breeding program that welcomed a trio of baby sugar gliders, Tiny, Beyonce and Lemonade and a group of 12 eastern quolls only two months ago. 

Coco and her new joey will be on display during the school holidays.

quokka joey

(Image Credit: The Australian Reptile Park)