Watch the video for more information about the new species of nudibranch in need of a name. (Source: ABC Radio National / YouTube)

What would you name this creature?

  • BY AG Staff Writer |
  • August 02, 2016

Science wants your help naming this new species of nudibranch.

A NEW SPECIES of nudibranch discovered off the north-west coast of Western Australia needs a name – and scientists want your help coming up with one.

In a competition run by the ABC Radio National's Off Track program and the Western Australian Museum, members of the public are being asked to come up with the second part of the scientific name for the new colourful mollusc.

The genus for the new nudibranch species is Moridilla, but the species part of the scientific name (e.g. the sapien in Homo sapien) is up for grabs.

More details and the competition entry form can be found over on the ABC's website. Entries close on Monday, 15 August.