Unveiling the experience of Kimberley cruising in an exclusive documentary

By Helen Hayes 30 January 2024
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Don’t just read about cruising the Kimberley, see what you can experience in the newly launched documentary film – EXPEDITION: Kimberley!

This article is brought to you by Coral Expeditions.

Time tends to stand still in the Kimberley, its wild and vast landscapes sculpted over thousands of years and are still relatively untouched. Waterfalls, gorges, eye-achingly beautiful coastlines, dimpled rock cliffs, momentous tides, ancient rock art and wildlife. The 30-minute EXPEDITION: Kimberley documentary shows in living, breathing, majestic colour – vibrant blues, verdant greens, ochre-red and sunset orange – what you can experience on a 10-day Kimberley adventure with Coral Expeditions.

An Australian-owned and operated company, Coral Expeditions has been exploring the ethereal Kimberley coastline for three decades. On those early exploratory voyages, Coral Expeditions’ crew relied on hand-drawn mud maps crafted using the expertise of local fishermen, to navigate this rugged, unknown coastline. Today, the knowledgeable Coral Expeditions team shines with Kimberley experts, who have all the tidal charts, maps, landing notes and local know-how that has evolved into incredible itineraries that allow guests to really experience this untamed land, from the spectacular views from the ship to the incredible adventures on the shore.

Expert Australian crew guide the way; Unique Xplorer tenders transport guests to shore in comfort. Image credits: Coral Expeditions

The documentary

The 30-minute EXPEDITION: Kimberley documentary, created by the team at Igloo Media, follows the journey of Coral Expeditions’ 10-night voyage along the Kimberley coastline – one of the most remote places on Earth. You will get a taste of what it is like to experience this cultural wonder, excitement mounting with every minute that you watch, knowing that you can see it for yourself by booking this unforgettable voyage. On the documentary, guests talk about feeling the spirituality of Country, with its history, geology and wildlife combining in a landscape that not many people get to see. It is a privilege to learn about the oldest culture in the world in this special place, learning about the ancient rock art galleries that go back 20,000 years.

As for the Coral Expeditions’ crew, they are grateful for the opportunity to introduce the remote and majestic Kimberley to new guests via small ship, which gives access to places that are hard to reach.

Red Cone Creek is a serene freshwater swimming hole. Image credit: Coral Expeditions

What you’ll experience on this expedition

This wondrous 10-night Kimberley expedition, departing from either Broome or Darwin, will unwrap the beauty of the Kimberley. Marvel at the magnificent King George River as you meander through steep-sided gorges to the towering twins of Oomari Falls. Cruise the Prince Regent River to the King Cascades waterfall, with its ‘hanging garden’. To see Mitchell Falls, the star of Mitchell River National Park with its emerald-hued rockpools, book the optional helicopter flight that shows you this breathtaking landscape from the air – it is well worth the extra cost. The park is home to mammals, amphibians, reptiles and bird species.

Cruise through healthy mangrove lined creeks spotting wildlife. Image credit: Coral Expeditions

Prince Frederick Harbour is another spectacular location at the southern end of York Sound. The harbour hosts islands fringed by mangrove and monsoon rainforests with an ochre-tinged escarpment as a backdrop. Immerse in history visiting Indigenous rock art galleries in Vansittart Bay to learn about ancient Gwion Gwion art, estimated to be 20,000 years old. More history is etched in the walls at the Wandjina galleries of Doubtful Bay, the traditional country of the Worrora people.

High and mighty

Still more magic awaits when you visit Montgomery Reef – Yowjab, with its diverse marine life. When the 11-metre tide drops, the reef seems to rise up out of the Indian Ocean fringed by cascading curtains of water. The tides are also responsible for the Horizontal Falls – Garaanngaddim, which you can ride in one of Coral Expedition’s Zodiacs, which have been built for the Kimberley and its natural intricacies, ensuring seamless access to the many wonders on shore. Naturalist David Attenborough described the Horizontal Falls as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.”

Get up close to Montgomery Reef and discover the tidal reef’s diverse marine life on Zodiacs. Image credits: Coral Expeditions

Everywhere you go with Coral Expeditions, you can spot native wildlife and birdlife in their natural habitat, with dolphins, white-bellied sea eagles, turtles, dolphins, dugongs and sawfish, just to name a few. The Lacepede Islands are a protected class-A nature reserve and are a seabird nesting rookery for brown boobies and roseate terns. Other species sighted at these four low-lying islands include Australian pelicans, frigate birds, egrets and gulls, as well as being an important breeding and nesting habitat for green turtles.

Coral Adventurer cruising in the Kimberley. Image credits: Coral Expeditions

The added advantage of cruising on a small ship is that it is easy to socialise with everyone – passengers and crew – bonding like a family over the course of the trip and its glorious sights. Nothing beats stopping at a deserted beach to enjoy sunset canapés and drinks on the beach with your new friends as dusk settles over this ancient region.

Seeing the Kimberley with Coral Expeditions is sure to leave you in awe.

Head to our website to watch EXPEDITION: Kimberley – A documentary following the journey of a 10- night voyage along the remote Kimberley Coastline. WATCH NOW!

This article is brought to you by Coral Expeditions.

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