Baby sea stallion footage you just have to see

Surfing the currents and clinging to seaweed, these stallions of the sea are breathtaking.
By AG STAFF December 14, 2020 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page
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Marine biologist Sheree Marris recently witnessed a miraculous sight – thousands of new baby seahorses floating on seagrass.

“It was one of the most spectacular natural events I have ever witnessed in my 20 year career,” Sheree says. “I was freediving at one of my favourite sites, Blairgowrie in Victoria, in about 6m of water when I swam into a thick wall of these stallions of the sea and it took my breath away.

“These baby sea ponies (or fry) measured a tiny 2-3cm, and were all jostling for a position on floating seagrass, each other and anything that floated on by.

“After the father gives birth (yes, he’s the only male in the animal kingdom to do so) they’ll spend the first 2-3 weeks of their life floating around and moving where the currents take them until they eventually settle down on seaweed.”