Kosciuszko pygmy-possums given ‘bogong biccies’ as a part of bushfire recovery

By Australian Geographic 31 January 2020
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Experts travelled to Kosciuszko National Park to assist the pygmy-possums in the aftermath of the fires.

ENDANGERED MOUNTAIN pygmy-possums badly affected by the Kosciuszko National Park bushfires have been given specially made ‘bogong biccies’ to help them survive.

The bushfires, which are yet to be fully contained, wiped out the pygmy-possums food and water resources, making it difficult for the adorable Aussie animal to bounce back.

Experts a part of the NSW Government’s Saving our Species team installed the biccies and water stations at three key possum habitat sites. 

Image credit: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

The biscuits were developed by Melbourne Zoo, who recently launched a new campaign encouraging Australians living in south-east Australia to switch of their lights to help save the mountain pygmy-possum.

Even prior to the bushfires, the possum is at risk of starvation as its main food source, the bogong moth is deterred from its normal flight path by unnecessary outdoor lighting.

Altogether, 50 feeder and 50 drinking stations have been built and stocked with 10 kg of the nutritional bogong biscuits, and remote cameras have been installed to monitor the species.

Image credit: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

The team of experts were the first to access the bushfire ravaged area.

Populations of the adorable marsupial, known for its curly tail and chubbiness, have been under pressure for some time as their main food source, the bogong moth, has depleted.