Two mulga parrots on a branch, Western Australia.

    Photo Credit: blickwinkel/Lundqvist

    Mulga parrot, Queensland.

    Photo Credit: Eric Sohn Joo Tan/ BIA/Minden Pictures
    Photo Credit: Chris Watson
    Photo Credit: Chris Watson

    Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, Victoria.

    Photo Credit: patrickkavanagh/Flickr

In pictures: the fruity-coloured mulga parrot

By Australian Geographic | September 9, 2019

A quiet but colourful bird, the mulga parrot is an Aussie favourite.

The beautiful Australian mulga parrot (Psephotus varius) has to be one of our most gorgeous birds. Found in the semi-arid regions of most Australian states, the mulga parrot can be easily spotted, with its bright emerald feathers, yellow splotches and dark blue-to-violet wings. The mulga has been described as quiet and unobtrusive for its rather muted bird call.