Urban birdwatching guide to Brisbane

By AG STAFF 24 August 2017
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From the coast to the rainforest-draped hills, Brisbane is a biodiversity hotspot bursting with interesting birdlife.

A range of habitats – including dry forest, grasslands, wetlands, and even backyards – supports an impressive number of birds.

“We have the benefit of the overlap between the northern tropical birds and the southern birds,” says David Niland from Birds Queensland. “Plus we have a few species that are unique to southeast Queensland and northern NSW, such as the black-breasted button-quail.”

The coast of Brisbane is home to a range of marine birds – from your standard pelican to rather more unusual visitors. “Out on the islands you can see the beach stone-curlew,” says David. “From time to time you can see black swans and ducks feeding on the saltwater estuaries too, which is a bit unusual.”

It’s tricky to pick just a few species from a total of around 400, but we’ve compiled a list of 20 Brissy birds you might encounter around the city. (See gallery above)

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