Aussie artist brings animals and birds to life with beautiful detailed portraits

By AG Staff Writer 8 November 2016
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Sydney-based artist Janet Luxton says she hopes to portray the diversity and individuality of her subjects through these detailed painted portraits.

‘EVERY ONE UNIQUE’ IS a series of detailed oil paintings of animals and birds being exhibited in Sydney next week. 

The stunning portraits are the work of Sydney-based artist Janet Luxton, who has a background as diverse as the animal-life she portrays, having worked as a draftsman and graphic designer in Auckland, studied art in San Francisco and Israel and operated two small wineries in New South Wales and South Australia.

Janet says her most recent works relate to birds and animals with which she has had a personal connection and her work has a strong conservation message.

“One of the most stark themes of the planet, for thousands of years, has been our relentless exploitation of the natural world, all its wildlife has been dramatically impacted,” says Janet, whose paintings feature both wildlife and domesticated animals.

“However humble all life is unique and deserves our unreserved respect and their place on Earth,” she says. “My paintings are an attempt to portray this beautiful diversity and individuality.”

A selection of Janet’s paintings are below. The Every One Unique exhibition will be held at Australian Galleries in Paddington, Sydney from 15 November to 4 December. 

Orange-bellied parrot janet luxton

Orange-bellied parrot (2016) oil on linen 165 x 120cm

palm cockatoo janet luxton

Palm cockatoo (2016) oil on linen 175 x 125cm

brown hen janet luxton

ISA brown hen (2016) oil on linen 170 x 125cm

kakapo janet luxton

Kakapo, New Zealand night parrot (2016) oil on linen 170 x 120cm

house sparrow janet luxton

House sparrow (2016) oil on linen 130 x 110cm

Hereford steer janet luxton

Hereford steer (2016) oil on linen 165 x 118cm