Epic komodo dragon fight captured on video

By AG Staff Writer September 26, 2016
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AG photographer Chris Bray captured this incredible scene of two huge komodo dragons battling it out on a recent AG Society expedition to South East Asia.

“EVEN IN MY line of work as an adventurer and wildlife photographer, it’s not every day that I see a dragon, let along two of these prehistoric beasts battling for supremacy so close that I found myself backing away,” says AG photographer Chris Bray, who captured this dramatic video on Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

The two male komodo dragons weighed up to 90kg each and although they were “spitting venom rather than fire”, Chris says the experience was enough to momentarily transport him back into the Jurassic Period.

Native to Indonesia, komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) are the world’s largest living lizards and can grow up to 3m long and weigh up to 100kg.

Read the full story of Chris’s south-east Asia trip (“A photographer’s paradise”) in our latest issue (AG#134) out now.

Chris was hosting a recent AG Society Expedition to South East Asia, with APT. The next AG Society South East Asia expedition departs 24 June 2017. Find out more.

Chris Bray is an award-winning adventurer, AG photographer and AG Society trustee. He runs photography tours around the world, visit chrisbrayphotography.com.