VIDEO: Baby numbats

By AG STAFF 18 April 2016
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Our latest AG Reader Video comes from Robert McLean in south-western WA, who captured this footage of endangered baby numbats in their burrow.

IN AG#130 WE reported on four mates in south-western Western Australia – aka the Numbat Taskforce – who are working to save Dryandra’s numbats, one of only two natural populations of the endangered marsupial left.

Now, they’ve sent us a new video showing rare footage of adorable baby numbats, WA’s ‘tiny tigers’, exploring the world outside their burrow.

“We would watch mum leave the burrow and head over the hill to feed, then we’d walk over and set the cameras up,” explained Robert McClean. “What a magic experience to be able to watch these little guys grow and start to explore the world around them!”

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