Winners of the 2105 ANZANG photography contest

By AG Staff 3 August 2015
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Congratulations to the winners and runners-up for the 2015 ANZANG competition

The Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year competition celebrates the natural heritage of the Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea bioregions each year.

This prestigious competition, run by the South Australian Museum, is now in its 12th year and continues to be a brilliant showcase for the unique flora, fauna and landscapes of this part of the world.

Australian Geographic is proud to be a partner in the contest. We understand the power of beautiful photography and are keen to encourage excellence in this pursuit and an appreciation of the special natural values of our own backyards, quite literally.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up for the 2015 competition:

Overall winner

David Stowe ‘Feathered symmetry’

Portfolio prize

Justin Gilligan Underwater marine life

Animal portrait

Winner: Ross Gudgeon ‘Red jellyfish’

Runner up: Charles Davis, ‘Icy looks’

Animal Behaviour

Winner: Judith Deland, ‘Lyrebird in the mist’

Runner up: Johnny Gaskell, ‘Hunting night octopus’

Animal habitat

Winner: Johnny Gaskell, ‘Mantas’

Runner up: Justin Gilligan, ‘Camoflaged eel’

Botanical subject

Winner: Drew Hopper, ‘Antarctic beech forest’

Runner up: Matthew Smith, ‘Sargassum’


Winner: Peter Hill, ‘Edith Falls study 1’

Runner up: Andrew Carter, ‘Rolling thunder’


Winner: Doug Gimesy, ‘Devil’s punchbowl’

Runner up: Andrew Peacock, ‘Eucalypt dawn’


Winner: Marc Lynch, ‘Bat blurs’

Runner up: Raoul Slater, ‘New moon’

Our impact

Winner: Leon Rakai, ‘Perfect predator’

Runner up: Dave Kan, ‘Earth, water, fire and sky’

Threatened species

Winner: Georgina Steytler, ‘Juvenile Australian fairy tern’

Runner up: Johan Larson, ‘Yellow-eyed penguin’


Winner: Ryan North, ‘Waterfall’

Runner up: Wesley Read, Trichoglossus moluccanus close-up’